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The BEST yet the SADDEST

This is probably the safest place to post these things. since i have very few friends here and no one knows me personally. and no one would probably read this.

You know high school....we're all drowned by the idea of love. most of us think we're falling in love(when it's really just infatuation). but as for me, I've never fallen in love but i have a few crushes in my school....so yeah my crush (who doesn't even know i fancy looking at him) has a girlfriend now. and of all people it was my friend. it also started with a crush, they started texting each other(though they barely have conversations at school) and poof after days of texting.....they're now a couple.

So the day before yesterday, we had a prom. everyone from my batch were planning to vote them as prom king and queen. and viola they became the prom queen and king. The saddest part of the prom was not that. there's this tradition "first dance" where the boys are going to give one stem rose to whoever they like to be their first dance. And guess who walked towards me and gave me a rose? NO ONE. i believe that i'm not ugly(actually i think my face is pretty much above average) so yeah sucks.....afterwards our teacher(guy) went to our table and handed left-over roses to us who did not get the chance to have their first dance(they were the saddest rose that night. it was just a small bud). maybe i'm just not approachable or i don't have any interest in flirting with guys. moreover, FOUR of my friends cried(like really cry) because of their complicated love life *sighs* 

then when we're free to dance, my guy friend asked me to dance and he was the only one who asked me to. after that we proceeded to partying it was the BEST part of the night. we recklessly danced to the dance floor it was fun and tiring. after a long night we headed to our classmates house and had a sleepover.

The place was perfect, the weather was good, the events are just complicated and sad.

so yeah that's bits of what happened at my prom.



these are drawings i have done in the past. i'm a still a newbie at drawing so please be gentle~

faceless kat-tun

one ok rock(if anyone knows them =_=) the vocalist is a former member of NEWS

Hello there!!

welcome to my almost empty journal. since i have a lot of things to learn...yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
thank you for those who added me as a friend!!! i might post some fanfics and fanarts in the future after school's over...please look forward to it!!

I'm a hyphen, I'm a rabbit/jumper, I'm a NEWScaster, I'm an eighter. I'm a JE fan!

i'm going to creep your LJs on the coming days!!


 I've been reading tons of magazine translations here and sadly i can't access some of those. maybe i need a tutor for this site. i'll go and ask my friend when classes starts. someone help me. (i know no one reads this)

I maybe a total idiot

i don't reallly understand livejournal. and i'm too lazy to explore it. gaah~ 

I am new

 I have known Livejournal for a long time but i never created an account here until now. Livejournal is Like any other website i'm not familiar with. I often read blogs, translation and other things regarding the JE fandom here but honestly speaking i don't know how things work at livejournal.

This is my First entry. I am still confused with how things work but hopefully i will learn to use this website properly.